Current working papers

House price cycles, housing systems, and growth models (with Ben Tippet and Engelbert Stockhammer), November 2022.

Peer-reviewed journal articles


Capital Flows and the Eurozone’s North-South Divide. Politics & Society, advance access.


Capital flows and geographically uneven economic dynamics: A monetary perspective. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 54(8), 1510-1531.

Flexible exchange rates in emerging markets: shock absorbers or drivers of endogenous cycles? (with Engelbert Stockhammer). Industrial and Corporate Change, 32(2), 551–572.

Estimating Nonlinear Business Cycle Mechanisms with Linear Vector Autoregressions: A Monte Carlo Study (with Robert Calvert Jump). Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 84(5), 1077-1100.

Learning from distant cousins? Post-Keynesian Economics, Comparative Political Economy, and the Growth Models approach (with Engelbert Stockhammer). Review of Keynesian Economics, 10(2), 184-203.

A history of aggregate demand and supply shocks for the United Kingdom, 1900 to 2016 (with Robert Calvert Jump). Explorations in Economic History, 85, 101448.

Growing differently? Financial cycles, austerity, and competitiveness in growth models since the Global Financial Crisis (with Engelbert Stockhammer). Review of International Political Economy, 29(4), 1314-1341.


Short and medium term financial-real cycles: An empirical assessment (with Engelbert Stockhammer, Robert Calvert Jump, and Julian Cavallero). Journal of International Money and Finance, 94, 81-96.

The impact of financialisation on the wage share. A theoretical clarication and empirical test (with Alexander Guschanski and Engelbert Stockhammer). Cambridge Journal of Economics, 43, 937-974. Blog at Brave New Europe. Blog at WiSo (in German).

Exchange rate dynamics, balance sheet effects, and capital flows. A Minskyan model of emerging market boom-bust cycles, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 51, 270-283.


Verteilungseffekte von Finanzialisierung (with Alexander Guschanski and Engelbert Stockhammer). Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie. 70, Supplement 1, 37-63.


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Book chapters

Post Keynesian and structuralist approaches to boom-bust cycles in emerging economies, in: Bonizzi, B., Kaltenbrunner, A., Ramos, R.A. (eds.) Emerging Economies and the Global Financial System. Post-Keynesian Analysis. Routledge 2021.

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